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Easy Mail Features And Benifits

Print envelopes, print labels, and more, in the quickest and easiest way possible.


Ease Of Use!

At Home Plan Software, we put ease of use first into every package produced.

  • Every step is designed with this as the primary objective.

  • We test and smooth every element until this goal is achieved.
  • Then we ask others to check all with care.
  • And we work with user input until we get it right.

The final result is a proven product that performs exceptionally well, but is in fact easy to use.

Don't take our word for this. Download Easy Mail now to see for yourself.

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Instant Envelopes!

Printing envelopes has never been easier.

  • Select an envelope size.

  • Select an address from your Address Book, or paste or type one directly onto the envelope.
  • Put an envelope in the printer.
  • Click Print.

It's that simple! Download Easy Mail now and try it.

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Custom Envelopes!

Make certain your envelopes grab attention and demonstrate the importance of their content. Quickly design a beautiful layout; Easy Mail will "remember" it until it is changed. Save as many different layouts as you like. It's easy with our new drag-and-drop method. No artistic skill is required.

Just click on a field and place it exactly where you want it. Do the same with your logo, then resize or reshape it by dragging with the mouse. Stretch it out above your address, if you like. Select font, size and color to suit.

Standard envelope sizes are predefined in inches and millimeters. You can define other sizes to meet specific needs.

There is no easier way to design envelopes. Download Easy Mail now and check it out!

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Mailing Labels!

Click an address in your mailing list, then click a specific label position to print the address on that particular label. Only labels to which addresses have been assigned will be printed. You need never waste another label!

Alternatively, select a set of addresses. Easy Mail can automatically assign each to a label; it even tells you how many label sheets to load.

Standard Avery label sheet sizes are predefined in inches and millimeters. You can define other sizes. If there is room, include your logo, return address and the address barcode. Select font, size and color to suit.

Download this award winning program now to see just how easy using labels can be.

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Mailing Lists!

We have even found a way to make using mailing lists easy! You can . . .

  • Create address lists from your existing addresses. You simply won't believe how easily it can be done until you use Easy Mail's drag-and-drop method.

  • Type addresses individually with simple, free-form input, or just cut-and-paste.
  • Edit or delete addresses easily.
  • Search for occurrences of text, such as a name, part of one, or a city; all addresses containing the text are displayed.
  • Select a part of any address list to create a new one.
  • Switch between any number of different address lists.

Act now! Download Easy Mail to see just how simple mail list management can be.

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Efficient Editing!

Compose memos or letters with ease. Our editor is slim, trim and efficient. There are no frills. Actions required are those standard in Windows, so you can begin using it immediately. It is sure to please all, and suit the needs of most. Features include . . .

  • Work with .RTF or .TXT files

  • Format text as you wish
  • Insert graphics within text
  • Use any font in any size or color
  • Search and replace
  • Cut and paste
  • Undo
  • Automatically print a corresponding envelope or label
  • Print, email, or fax the current document

You owe it to yourself to see this dynamite editor in action. Download Easy Mail now and take it for a test drive!

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Custom Letterheads!

Be certain your correspondence stands out from the crowd. All that is needed is to . . .

  • Select your logo with a click

  • Resize and reshape it to suit with the mouse
  • Position it as you please
  • Add your return address in the font of your choice

No artistic skill required. Download Easy Mail now to see how easy it is to create a great letterhead!

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Great Support!

Whether you are evaluating Easy Mail or are already a registered user, we welcome your questions. And we provide definitive answers quickly. We can maintain this policy for two reasons.

  • Easy Mail is so easy to use, we get very few calls.

  • Providing full support for a product is the right thing to.

We can be reached by . . .

Sending email to
Calling 209-286-8011
Sending US Mail to . . .
Home Plan Software
8437 Center Street
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 USA


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