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Microsoft User Net Award

If you need an application to help you create envelopes, mailing labels, and letters, then look no further. (Click below to go to the full text of this review.) Microsoft Windows User Group Hall of Fame

Ziff Davis 5 Start Award

Easy Mail is an easy-to-use application that serves as a complete correspondence center. (Click below to go to the full text of this review.) Ziff Davis Award: Five of Five stars


The name of this program says it all, Easy Mail is just that a no brainer mail program. Within 5 minutes I had envelopes, return addresses an everything set up, even though I use European size envelopes. All programs should be as easy to use as this one. (Click here for the full review.)

'Easy Mail' a pain-free way to get jobs done: I can unqualifiedly say that if you need to print on envelopes or print labels, for home use or business, you can hardly do better than "Easy Mail."
Tom Nelson, "The Billing's Gazette," March 2, 2002.

This is a great program!
I like the multiple address book the best! That and ease of use. You don't have to buy any special sized labels -- you can just use the ones from your local office supply place and voila! perfect envelopes and labels that look nice and professional.
Tina Griffith

I have used Easymail for several years and find it the easiest and most efficient program for storing & printing mailing addresses.
It does an excellent job on group mailings as well as individual mailings. I can also store a variety of return addresses - for myself and other members of the family. The longer I use it - the better I like it.
Sallie Bailey


With regard to EasyMail, I must say that I've struggled for years with MS Word's envelope printing capabilities (or lack thereof) and I always thought I was stupid because it seems so counterintuitive.

After "test driving" EasyMail, I was just astounded with its ease of use--if all MS software was structured in the same straightforward, evident, easy-to-follow manner as EasyMail, then I suspect those of us who spend many hours daily in front of our monitors would suddenly find new time on our hands!
Pandora Greenstein

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with Easy Mail 32.

The more I use it, the better it gets. I keep discovering features that make this sort of tedious work of compiling mailing lists, almost fun. :) Congratulations on such a well-thought-out product!
Paul Sanders

Being in an age when the only thing people seem to take the time to do is complain, I thought I would let you know that your Easy Mail program is the absolute best address and mailing program I have ever used. I registered my copy with you today. This easy to use program does everything I need it to and quickly. Every other program I've tried is either not user friendly, or is loaded with features I'll never use so the selling price can be inflated. Brian A. Schug

After using Easy Mail for nearly the full 30 days, I purchased it today! I have many years of experience with teaching software applications, and am quite pleased with your product. I do bookkeeping from my home for many different companies, and, at last, there is a product where I can switch back and forth between return addresses easily! Thank you!
Linda Davis <>

A Big Success! The install went great and the word processor is more than I hoped for. I love all the icons on the task ready to use. Your letterhead wizard is great, as well as all the templates. This is the best word processor I've seen! I appreciate all the special attention that you've shown me. Love your program! Thank-you! My bad spelling will be soon corrected! Thanks again. Joanne <>

I have told people in 5 states this is a wonderful program. I sure hope it generated some business for you. I want you all to prosper and be there forever for me.
Thank You! Jan Harbour <>

As a registered user of Easy Mail, I decided to beta test Easy Mail Plus - Standard Edition. I found that using this version made it easier to add addresses and print up envelopes and labels. Thank you for developing such great, easy to work with programs. Josh Schnapp <>

I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE Easy Mail. I have always had separate programs for my addresses, envelopes and letter writing. The whole idea of it is great. . . . This is one awesome program. I am going to tell everyone about it. Keep up the good work. Carol <>

Thank you for your quick response. I am up and running. Easy Mail is the most wonderful program I have ever seen for writing an envelope, bar none. Keep me posted for updates. Vic Allo <>

I think it is a great program and great idea for someone who wants a simple way to store and address envelopes. I like simple clean and easy to use products. Thomas Koiso <>

Thanks. I love your program and it's made a believer out of me that there are better programs than Microsoft has to offer. Thanks again. Sam Forsythe <>

I very rarely, if ever, commend a software program, but your EasyMail is an exception. It is wonderful. Intuitive, tightly written, feature rich, & seemingly without bugs. It was money well spent. William J. Healey III <>

We have a registered version of Easy Mail. It is in constant use in our office and has made our office much more efficient. . . . Thanks for a great product! Dennis Syrmis <>

The ease of use of this program combined with the complexity of what it will do --all the functions --and the constant upgrading makes it virtually the best of all programs in its category. Although I have MS Office and use it for major text reports, etc., I use Easy Mail for all personal and business correspondence, address compilations, preparation of envelopes, etc. Now, with the most recent upgrade, I also am able to plug in our customers' wishes in either the note or data fields and immediately bring up who is looking for "flooring", etc. Clyda Carver <>

I like it, I think it's well made. Thank you. Takashi <>

It sure is easy to set up Easy Mail. I have a "special" size envelope (In Canada, postage DOUBLES at a certain size). It took about 30 seconds to set it up. Let's put it another way. Setting everything up is so easy - works so well - that I can't remember ever looking at your Help files. Sorry. They are probably well written, too. I just haven't needed them. Best regards, John A. Collins <>

Everything is working 100%. I can never thank you enough. Easy Mail works even better than my MS Office program envelope maker. Michael Penassi <>

 I have found Easy Mail to be an excellent program, whereas it meets &/or exceeds my needs. I have a very, very small business and have the need to make shipping labels as well as envelopes. This program has done the trick. R. Wohlgemuth <>

Thanks for the great software package. Well thought out and coded. My compliments to all who created this intuitive package. Bob Reardon <>

 I am writing to tell you that I have bought the program Easy Mail and I am going to recommend it to my friends as I find it to be small yet comprehensive . . . Ronald Gourlay <>

Thanks for your quick response. I love your program. I use ACT! Ver 3 and copy the addresses from there and past them into E.M. because ACT doesn't print barcodes. I was using Word 97 to do the envelopes but your program accomplishes the same thing, only in less steps. Brian Nobles <>

Your tech support and response to all of my questions has been sincerely appreciated. Not only is the program the best mailing program I found (and, surprisingly, one of the cheapest), but your assistance has to be the best of any of the companies with whom I have dealt. Thank you. Clyda Carver <>

I must say that I am quite impressed with your software program, Easy Mail. I find it perfect for both of my businesses. Thank you also for the freeware downloads. Keep up the good work and please notify of new programs. DeNeal Reed <>

I really like your software, it is simple, straight forward, and it works. Dan Brown <>



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