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Support Policy

We welcome your questions, whether or not you have purchased Easy Mail. In particular, please report any problem you have. You may have stumbled upon something that needs to be fixed or will improve the program. We respond promptly. Please see contact info below.

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Contact Info

On the Net, send email to
Or call us at 209-286-8011
Our fax number is 209-286-8011
Or write to us at . . .
Home Plan Software
8437 Center Street
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 USA

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Update Policy

Registered users may download and install the latest version of Easy Mail at any time. There is no charge. The registered status of the program will not change. And while we can assure that your address lists files will not change, some upgrades may require minor adjustments of layout factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of questions asked about Easy Mail, the following are representative of those that come up most commonly. Hopefully you will find what you need among them.

They have been grouped into categories to make it easier to find the area in which you are interested. And each category is located on a separate page. You can click from the end of any page on any category. Or click on the Support button to return to this page.

Note this grouping is imprecise; there is some overlap. Many of the questions are abbreviated at the top of each page for use in creating links, but the full text is included with the answers.

We hope you find what you need here. If not, please click here for

Installing And Versions
Working With Addresses
Envelope And Label Layouts
Using The Printer


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