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These options are available to both current users and those evaluating the program. There is no additional charge. To use these tools, . . .

  • Easy Mail must first be installed on your system.

  • Download your selection to the directory in which Easy Mail is installed.
  • If it is an .EXE file, run it to install. If it is a .ZIP file, unzip it in your Easy Mail Directory; noting more needs to be done.


Easy Writer Features

This full featured editor was developed by Home Plan Software. Place a copy in your Easy Mail directory, click the "Write A Letter" button as you normally would, and this editor will be used instead of the one installed with Easy Mail.

For the features and benefits
of Easy Writer, please click here.

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Easy Writer

Reminder: Easy Mail first needs to be installed on your system, and these files need to be installed in the same folder.


For Win 95/98/00/NT/ME/XP/Vista/Win7/Windows 8 desktop -- 2200 KB

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These dictionaries are copyrighted by their authors. They are provided for your use with Easy Mail. However, we do not accept responsibility for their content or operation. They need to be downloaded and unzipped in your Documents/EasyMail folder. If you do not have an unzip utility, consider WinZip. There is no charge for using the demonstration copy available at

American Dictionary (312KB)

British Dictionary (265KB)

Danish Dictionary (403KB)

French Dictionary(162KB)

German Dictionary(458B)

Polish Dictionary (405KB)

Swedish Dictionary (168KB)

British words add-on for use with American dictionary (30KB)

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