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If you would like to link to our site, please to do so. Feel free to use an image below to create a graphic link. If you need a different image or size, please let us know. Below the images, are examples of things you might like to say about this site.

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If you would like to say something about our site, feel free to use or abstract what you need from the following.

Short Desciption: Print envelopes and labels quickly and easily. Use simple drag-and-drop to beautiful graphic layouts for greater impact. Compose documents, then print, fax or email them. Includes mail list management.

Long Description: Let your mailings show your professionalism and demonstrate the importance of your content by creating beautiful graphic layouts with our new drag and drop method. No artistic skills required. Print a single envelope or label, or a batch, with only a few clicks. Compose documents, then print, fax or email them. Or automatically print a corresponding envelope or label. Includes mail list management support.


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