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Right click on any field for format options available. Save as many different layouts as needed. If there is room, these same options are available for labels.

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To Print An Envelope: The steps to follow to print a single envelope.

To Select Envelope Feed: Before printing an envelope, Easy Mail needs to know how they are fed into the printer. Shown here are the methods from which to choose. This selection is made only once, unless another printer needs to be used.

To Select Multiple Addresses For Envelopes Or Labels: All of a mailing list can be printed on envelopes or labels. Shown here are the steps to follow to select part of a list for output.

To Assign Addresses To Labels: The steps to follow to print specific addresses on particular labels. Any address can be assigned to any label. Only labels assigned are printed.

To Work With Addresses: New addresses can be added to a list by pasting or typing them in. Existing addresses can be edited or deleted.


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