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You can quickly and easily . . .
  • Print envelopes
  • Print mailing labels
  • Maintain a mailing list
  • Compose memos and letters
  • Fax or email your documents

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We invite you to compare the simplicity of designing and printing envelopes or labels with Easy Mail to doing so in any other program, including your favorite editor or word processor. Easy Mail wins going away!

In A Hurry?

Click here for a summary of information about Easy Mail. This page is designed for easy printing or copying to your system for a later look.

What Easy Mail Can Do For You!

  • Make certain your mail demonstrates your professionalism by creating beautiful graphic layouts with our new drag-and-drop method. No artistic skills required; Easy Mail does the work.

  • Print a single envelope or label with a click. Or print batches of either with addresses from your personal mailing list. Labels can be selected individually or automatically.

  • Create a document, then print, fax or email it. Or automatically print a corresponding envelope or label.

  • Create and maintain mailing lists in the simplest possible way. Collect all contact information to a single file, or create separate lists for specific purposes.

  • Increase your productivity with our free options. Replace the Easy Mail editor with Easy Writer if you need more word processing features. Add a thesaurus, and dictionaries in several languages.

Download Easy Mail now! You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily you can do all of the above, and much, much more.

Easy Mail Plus

If you have larger lists or need filtering, you may want to consider Easy Mail Plus which add database list management to the popular features in Easy Mail. Click here for a brief summary.

Screen Shots Of Easy Mail

The following show just how simple it is to do several complex things with Easy Mail. You can click from one to another by following the links at the bottom of each page.

To Print An Envelope : The steps to follow to print a single envelope.

To Select Envelope Feed : Before printing an envelope, Easy Mail needs to know how they are fed into the printer. Shown here are the methods from which to choose. This selection is made only once, unless another printer needs to be used.

To Assign Addresses To Labels : The steps to follow to print specific addresses on particular labels. Any address can be assigned to any label. Only labels assigned are printed, thus none are wasted.

To Select Multiple Addresses For Envelopes Or Labels : All of a mailing list can be printed on envelopes or labels. Shown here are the steps to follow to select part of a list for output.

To Format An Envelope : Right click any field on an envelope for options available. If there is room, these options are also available on labels.

To Work With Addresses : New addresses can be added to a list by pasting or typing them in. Existing addresses can be edited or deleted.

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